The next tranche

Wow! What a busy time we are having here at Spitfire HQ. Lots of lovely projects on the go and some terrific teams working with us. I’m pleased to report that in the last two weeks we handed over two projects on time and budget. First was a combined workspace for parts of the Clemenger and OMD groups in Brisbane. Next was the Sydney headquarters for LinkedIn. This was an epic project and really shows what you can do with a conventional commercial building if you just take the time to make it right. LinkedIn are an extraordinary firm and really care for their staff. Their new space includes an indoor BBQ, Daytona games, a gym, sit to stand desks for everyone, and many more exciting features. It is a high performance workplace for sure; and a template for the future. Thanks go to them for trusting Spitfire with the project and I, in turn, thank FDC and Woods Bagot for rising to the challenge as ever.

If you want to see through the project, let me know. We may be arranging some tours.File 2-06-2015 10 15 55 am