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Straightforward, specialised,
risk averse, and responsive.

Spitfire Control is a team of highly experienced project managers with a depth of experience in many facets of the workplace and commercial building sector.

Spitfire Control have offices in Sydney and Melbourne, plus alliance partners in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Auckland.

The team from Spitfire Control take pride in representing our clients through every step of a project. We make it our job to understand your goals and pressure points. We look ahead, so you don’t have to.


Solution focussed

We don’t do problems, we do solutions. We will not come to you every five minutes telling you what today’s problem is. We will keep you informed, of course, but you only need to know problems if they are serious, or unable to be resolved by us.


The design and build of the fitout itself is not the whole project. There are many streams to a great outcome including AV and IT as an example. Our role is to see the bigger picture and ensure that all elements of the project are coordinated.


We take a leadership role, set high standards, and lead by example. We are concerned to understand our client’s objectives and work hard to see them achieved. The person running the job is the person doing the job. Our experience allows us to anticipate issues, and to take action to optimise the outcome.

Meet the Team

Max Thomson, Spitfire Control

Max Thomson


Max is a senior professional with more than 30 years experience in workplace design and project management. His experience includes periods of work in the UK, The USA, and Australia on a diverse range of projects and clients. He is a passionate advocate for good design but a harsh critic of waste and ignorance of the client’s stated and implied goals.

James Nepia, Spitfire Control

James Nepia​


James is a professional who began his journey in Information Technology, Operations and finally responsibility for the portfolio of Property in the Advertising world, Over the years his unique skill set has steered him to lead business transformation, workplace design and change management. This journey moved him into new methods of leadership, agile practises, value management, forming a new thinking around project management.

Mesh PM

Spitfire Control is a founding member of the MeshPM alliance. We have members in Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane meaning we can actively support our national clients with “boots on the ground” and a consistent level of service from senior and experienced practitioners. With projects already completed, and others now active, it is a major step forward in providing a genuine alternative for national and international clients that value senior leadership from their PM.

Scott Bell

Gordon Bateup


Alliance partner Lucy

Lucy Symington


Penny GIll

Penny Gill


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